Upper Lip $5
Only Lower Lip $2
Forehead $5
Chin $5
Sides (Each Side) $4
Cheeks (Each Side) $6
Mid Brow $3
Neck $6
Full Face $35

“What is facial threading?” Lots of people have this question.


Threading is an ancient method of unwanted hair removal from face. Artist use unique technique by cotton thread is twisted and rolled to pull out unwanted hair from person’s face. It is very precise than waxing and gives clients much better shapes. Facial threading includes eyebrows, upper lip, lower lip, forehead, chin, sides, cheeks, mid brow, neck or full face.


Henna Tattoo

Henna Tattoo $10 & Up


Henna has been used for lots of cosmetic purpose in lots of different cultures, such as to adore women’s hands, feet, nails. Older women use to color their hair and Muslims’ men’s use to color their beards.


Henna is known by lots of different names. Henna tattoo is temporary body art. It is all natural. It is best way to find out how good your really tattoo will look before you get it done permanently.